Gordon Training Bulgaria


Gordon Training International (GTI) has International Representatives who are authorized to deliver the programs based on the Gordon model (GTI programs) in their respective country and language.

Company JAAM ltd and NGO Effective Parents is the authorized and licensed Representative for the Parent Effectiveness Training and Teacher Effectiveness Training program in Bulgaria.

Seat and management address:

Burgas, 8000 Municipality Burgas
22 Konstantin Fotinov str.

Person to contact:

Mrs. Darina Georgieva

Mobile: +359898579018
Fax: +359 56 910403

United States Headquarters

Gordon Training International
531 Stevens Ave. West
Solana Beach, CA 92075 U.S.A.
Tel: 800.628.1197 or 858.481.8121
Fax 858.481.8125
Email: info@gordontraining.com
Website: http://www.gordontraining.com


22 Konstantin Fotinov str.
Burgas 8000, Bulgaria (map)

+359898579018 - Darina Georgieva
(GTI representative)


Д-р Томас Гордън
Who is Dr. Thomas Gordon?

Widely recognized as a pioneer in teaching communication skills and conflict resolution methods to parents, teachers, youth, organization managers and employees, Dr. Thomas Gordon was the founder of Gordon Training International. His Gordon Model concepts are now known world-wide.

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