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Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) and Teacher Effectiveness Training (TET ) are accredited training programmes by the Ministry of Education in Bulgaria, registered in the public national information register (www.iropk.mon.bg) of the approved training programmes for pedagogical specialists in the country with the registration N: РД09-994, 07.06.2018.

The training programmes provide professional development credits for teachers and principals

Beneficiary: Ministry of Education and Science

Brief description of the project:
The project activities will be implemented within three school years from 2018/2019 to 2020/2021. The project envisages pedagogical specialists from the pre-school and school education system to be included in short-term trainings to acquire 1 to 3 qualification credits. The trainings will cover topics aimed at: enhancing knowledge and forming skills and competencies related to the use of innovative methods of teaching; contemporary methods of assessing learning results; diagnosing personal development and counseling students in order to achieve quality education and personal development; implementing models for the creation and development of a positive school environment, incl. the improvement of the family-school interaction, involving parents more actively in the school community and effective management of the class; enhancing the training of pedagogical specialists with managerial functions for implementing modern models for managing educational institutions, leadership for effective organization of school activities and coordination of pedagogical teams. Read more at: http://2020.eufunds.bg/en

Below are the competencies and skills the participants will gain after completing TET and PET training programmes:

  1. ”Observing behaviors”-what people actually say or do and not a judgement of the bahaviour.
  2. ”Identifying problem ownership” to understand problems in relationships and how to handle them.
  3. Active Listening to enable students, children and others to solve their own problems.
  4. ”Self disclosure” to express ideas and feelings in clear, direct , non - blameful way.
  5. ”Confrontation” to confront others’ unacceptable behavior resulting in the other changing his or her bеhaviour.
  6. ”No –lose Conflict Resolution” to resolve conflicts with students and others so both are satisfied with the solution.
  7. ”Values collision skills “to resolve values collisions with students, children and others.

Parent Effectiveness Training
“Parent Effectiveness Training”

Author: Dr. Thomas Gordon
Dimensions: 13/20 cm
Pages: 356

Teacher Effectiveness Training
“Teacher Effectiveness Training”

Author: Dr. Thomas Gordon and Noel Burch
Dimensions: 13/20 cm
Pages: 408

Д-р Томас Гордън
Who is Dr. Thomas Gordon?

Widely recognized as a pioneer in teaching communication skills and conflict resolution methods to parents, teachers, youth, organization managers and employees, Dr. Thomas Gordon was the founder of Gordon Training International. His Gordon Model concepts are now known world-wide.

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